Pool Care FAQ’s

How do I open my Pool?

1. Siphon water off of cover top (if using water bag cover)
2. Uncover the pool.  Usually folding the cover like a fan or map works best.  Lay it out in the sun to clean and dry before storing away.
3. Begin filling the pool with water (you can do this in advance to save time)  Pull all plugs from return lines/jets and skimmers.
4. Reconnect your filter, pump, heater, & chem. Feeder (in that order)

-put sight glass, pressure guage back into multiport valve
-put ¼” plugs back into front of pump basket
-put drain plug back into base of filter tank

5.You should check all  your o’rings and gaskets to make sure they are not worn or brittle.  Putting lubricant & teflon tape on threaded plugs (pressure guage, sight glass, ¼”, etc..) is always a good idea
6. You will want to “prime” the pump: add water to the pump basket and put the lid back on.  You may even need to put the garden hose into the skimmer to get plenty of water flowing to the pump quickly.
7. At this point you can turn the pump on:
a.if the water is still low and you have a main drain keep plug in skimmer and run thru main drain only
b.If you don’t have main drain you will have to have water midway into skimmer before running

8. Put all of your accessories (ladders, handrails, diving board & slides) back
on the pool.  **Make sure ladder bumpers are put back on ladder **
9. Now you are ready to clean the pool:  vacuum, skim the top, clean the liner and steps.
10. Let the pool run for approxiamately 12-24 hours and bring in a sample of water for testing.  Balance out the pool completely.
11. Now jump in and have FUN FUN FUN!!!


How do I care for my pool?

It’s a lot easier to maintain your pool than to rescue it. The BAQUACIL Pool Care System is so easy to use that pool owners sometimes forget the routine chores they have to do with any pool sanitizing system. If you don’t let maintenance problems develop, you’ll never have to fix them. This guide is your handy reminder to the simple steps of general pool upkeep.


Step One – Brush and vacuum your pool regularly.

Regular weekly brushing and vacuuming are key to keeping your pool clean and clear. When dirt and other debris accumulate, they can cause surface staining, bacterial growth or algae formation. Weekly cleaning helps to keep these problems away.

Step Two -Test Weekly

Because BAQUACIL SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT is more stable and lasts longer than chlorine, you don’t have to check the levels as frequently. Checking once a week is sufficient. Many families find that Saturday morning is a good time to schedule a few minutes for routine testing, top-up and additions. Add BAQUACIL ALGICIDE at this time.

Step Three – Add BAQUACIL SHOCK AND OXIDIZER once a month

To keep it simple, pick either the first or the last Saturday of each month to add BAQUACIL SHOCK AND OXIDIZER after you’ve completed your regular weekly testing addition.

Step Four – Every month, have a water sample analyzed

Your pool professional can help you prevent problems in your pool. A quick, monthly water sample analysis is the best way to keep your pool in top condition. Fill a clean, plastic container with pool water and take it to The Pool House for a comprehensive analysis. Your dealer will determine any steps you might need to keep your pool sparkling clear. Remember, prevention is the best cure, so follow these tips for a hassle-free pool all season long

Step Five – Keep water clean with proper water circulation and a clean filter.

Your pool will stay clearest if you circulate the water for at least 8 to 12 continuous hours a day. We recommend cleaning your filter with BAQUACIL FILTER CLEANER or BAQUACIL SAND FILTER CLEANER at least two times a season, mid season and when you close your pool, to quickly and easily dissolve and wash away deposits. If your pool is uncovered during the off season, clean your filter again before the swimming season begins.
If you have any questions, please call or drop by The Pool House for help in maintaining sparkling clear pool water all season long.