Pool Construction


The process begins with excavation. We dig out the area necessary for the size of your pool and begin shaping the ground according to the specifications for your pool design.


Putting the walls up

We begin installing the steel walls around your pool and the plumbing is installed. At this time the concrete footer is poured aound the pool’s perimeter allowing the pool to be backfilled. By the time this process is completed, you’ll have a good idea what the outline of your pool looks like.


The pool bottom is finished

Once the walls are secured and set in place, the exposed areas of the pool are then hand troweled with a mixture of vermiculite and Portland cement. This insures you a consistent and smooth bottom.


Liner installation

The next step is the installation of your liner. Each liner is custom made for your pool. Ater the liner is installed, the water is added.


Your finished pool!

Once the hard construction is completed, we install all of the final touches (such as ladder, diving board,safety float line. etc.). Then, the pool is cleaned completely and chemically treated. JUST JUMP IN!!!